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Western Australian International Pie Tour

Locked-in Western Australia, but not locked-out of international foodie inspiration, the Pie baking team at Miami Bakehouse took the challenge to create an inspiring virtual journey.

Every week the savoury baking team are on a mission to inspire you with unique pie flavours, using fresh local ingredients - that's right, they create 52 unique pie flavours every year as a Pie of the Week.

As the most isolated city in the world, we are a state full of keen travellers and adventurers. Our borders may have been closed but our sense of foodie adventure is certainly not!

If you have been following the virtual International Flavour Tour over the past six months your taste-buds would have travelled to over 18 countries with Miami Bakehouse on a quest to bring the best regional flavours right to you, wrapped in their legendary flaky pastry!

From South America to Europe, the UK, and the US they have travelled far and wide in search of the ultimate pie fillings. Think Cuban Beef, Portuguese Fish Caldeirada, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Highland Beef, Spanish Chicken and Chorizo, Brazilian Pork to name a few...and for the final leg of their trip the team are taking a well-deserved virtual rest in Hawaii for the next two weeks. With Two new fabulous flavours for you to try, Hawaiian Style Pork and Hawaiian Coconut Chicken Curry, you'll be saying Aloha as you step through the bakery door. The bakers land back in Oz to celebrate all that is Australian with their infamous Tropical Crocodile Pie followed by a more Traditional Christmas Pie of the Week flavours over the Christmas baking period.

Find a unique Pie of the Week flavour recipe and follow the Miami Bakehouse international flavour tour.

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