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About Miami Bakehouse

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At Miami Bakehouse we won't put any food in our bakery cafes unless we love it ourselves. Our specialist baked pies, bread, cakes and cafe food must pass the taste test with our team before they are available at one of our five West Australian cafes.


If we don't love it, you won't see it!


Miami Bakehouse cafes are legendary in Western Australia. Our team has won more than 900 national and state baking awards in recognition of expert cooking and baking skills plus our attention to producing quality food using local fresh West Australian ingredients from local suppliers across WA.

Miami Bakehouse is known for its enormous range of gourmet handmade pies, cakes, speciality artisan breads and other delicious treats. For more years than you can count, Miami Bakehouse has been treating travellers and holidaymakers in the South-West region of Western Australia.

 Hundreds of thousands of loyal fans stop by each year to experience

our unique award-winning pie flavours and sample a taste of Western Australia.

At Miami Bakehouse we still handmake our own food from scratch creating more than 200 varieties of unique gourmet bakery products, baked fresh each day including award-winning pie recipes, speciality breads, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, catering and a growing selection of healthy, low-carb, delicious and convenient food to eat on the go.

We love baking and it shows!

“I've not had a better pie' David Jones *****



With reviews like this, is it any wonder that The Miami Bakehouse

has a loyal following?

What makes a pie an award-winning pie? We know all about the hard work and years of experience it takes to perfect a great pie recipe.  With amazing local West Australian ingredients in all our food, we use local flour millers, fresh local vegetables, premium lean meat and beef from the Stirling Ranges, Plantagenet Pork, Amelia Park Lamb and WA Free range chicken breast.

Absolutely no fillers and we use only the best quality ingredients.


We love winning Industry awards for our food, but our customers will always be our best judges!


2021 Awards

Perth Royal Show Food Awards 2021















Classic Steak Pie - GOLD

Caramelised Ginger Chilli Pork - GOLD

Raw Slices & Brownies - GOLD

Non-Beef Plant-Based Fajita Pie - SILVER

Carrot Cake - SILVER

Seeded Sourdough Bread - BRONZE

Anzac Biscuits - BRONZE

Mango and Macadamia Cheesecake - BRONZE

Texan Chilli Beef Pie - BRONZE

Baking Industry Awards 2021

1st Place

Apple Slice

Chocolate Brownie Slice

Miami Bakehouse 2020 Awards

The Official Great Aussie Pie Awards 2020

Pork Tarragon and Mustard Gourmet Roll - GOLD

Garlic Prawn Pie - GOLD

Ginger and Chilli Pork Pie - GOLD

Smokey Bourbon Pork Pie - GOLD

Apple Pie - GOLD

Country Apple and Raspberry Pie - GOLD

Beef Guinness and Vegetables - GOLD

Harissa Chicken Pie- GOLD

Fruit Mince Pies - GOLD*

Pepper Steak Pie - SILVER

Sausage Roll - BRONZE

Classic Steak Pie - BRONZE

Peri Peri Vegetables Pie - BRONZE

*WINNER - Best Fruit Mince Pies in Australia

Perth Royal Show Food Awards 2020

Fruit Mince Cheesecake - GOLD

Vienna Loaf - GOLD

Devon Multigrain Loaf - GOLD

Lamb Rogan Josh Pie - GOLD

Double Chocolate Lamingtons - SILVER

Devon White Loaf - SILVER

Caramelized Ginger & Pork Pie- SILVER

Seeded Sourdough - BRONZE

Chocolate Brownie - BRONZE

Traditional Anzac Biscuits - BRONZE

Beef and Mushroom Pie - BRONZE

Chicken Laksa Pie - BRONZE

Apprentice Awards 2020



2020 Perth Royal Bread & Pastry Awards

Most Successful Apprentice Exhibitor

Anthony Barber - Miami Bakehouse

The Royal Agricultural Society of WA Trophy for Champion Loaf Exhibited by an Apprentice 

Samantha Harvey - Miami Bakehouse

Devon White Loaf

Rosanna Pacoma - GOLD

Anthony Barber - BRONZE 

Samantha Harvey - BRONZE

Vienna Traditional White Baked

Samantha Harvey - GOLD

Decorated Birthday Cake

Anthony Barber - BRONZE 

Each year, our expert baking teams and apprentices put their skills to the test and showcase to panels of judges from various competitions, West Australian Baking Industry Awards, Royal Agricultural Society Royal Show Food Awards WA and The Official Great Aussie Pie Awards, to name a few. 

Perth Royal Show Awards 2021
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