We love baking and it shows!

At Miami Bakehouse we won't put anything in our bakery cafes unless we love it ourselves. Our specialist baked products must pass the taste test with our team before they are available at one of our six cafes.


If we don't love it you won't see it!


Miami Bakehouse is legendary in Western Australia. Our team has won more than 850 national and state awards in recognition of our cooking and baking skills and our attention to producing quality food.

Miami Bakehouse is known for its enormous range of gourmet pies, cakes, speciality breads and other delicious treats. For more years than you can count, Miami Bakehouse has been treating travellers and holidaymakers in Western Australia.

 Hundreds of thousands of fans stop by each year to experience

our unique offering.

“The warm service and big smiles of the staff are so hypnotic that I forgot about the pounds that I’m adding to my already generous arse! Your shop is so darn tempting” said Helen Lorenz about The Miami Bakehouse.


With reviews like this, is it any wonder that The Miami Bakehouse

has a loyal following?