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Gourmet Pies

Multi Award-Winning Unique Pie Flavours

Miami Bakehouse is well known as the place to get the best pies, pasties and sausage rolls in WA and most likely the world!


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Delicious West Australian
Gourmet Pies & Savouries

Chicken Pies & Sausage Rolls

Our multi-award winning pies are made with unique top secret recipes and pastry made by hand, that you won't find anywhere else.

One bite of a Miami Bakehouse pie will have you hooked from the moment you taste that flaky pastry and delicious gourmet filling.

Unique Pie Flavours

Delicious Gourmet Fillings

All our pie recipes are made from scratch using the best local WA ingredients and absolutely no fillers.


We use WA Stirling Ranges Angus Beef, Amelia Park Lamb, Franklin River Free Range Pork, Free Range Chicken Breast plus we hand-cut the locally grown vegetables and create unique recipe flavours to keep you wanting more.

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Low Carb Pastry

For that Healthier Lunch Option

We are pastry experts and have developed a low carb pie pastry to meet the demand in low carb food choices for our customers.  

If your looking for a healthier lunch option with fewer calories and more protein, following a Keto diet or a low-carb lifestyle, then our low-carb pastry and award-winning pie fillings might be the perfect choice.

Family Sized Pies & Quiches

Make Tonight's Dinner As Easy As Pie!

Surprise your family with a freshly made pie or quiche from Miami. Pick one up one your way home.


Choose from Classic Steak Pie, Pepper Steak Pie, Roast Chicken Pie, Spinach Quiche, Quiche Lorraine or Bacon, Leek and Brie Quiche!

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13-15 Rouse Road


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609 Old Coast Road


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Lot 602 Forrest H'Way

West Pinjarra

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Lot 601 Forrest H'Way

West Pinjarra

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14 Taranto Rd


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