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Mandurah Coffee at Miami Bakehouse Cafe

We Make Fabulous Take-Away Coffee!

At our Mandurah cafe, we've chosen the finest blend of 100% Arabica beans sourced from Cuba, Guatemala, and PNG. This carefully selected combination creates the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors, ensuring an exceptional coffee experience in Mandurah.

Our Mandurah cafe proudly follows the great Italian tradition of coffee-making. We use the finest La Marzocco coffee machines, imported directly from Florence, Italy. These machines, handcrafted since 1927, are paired with the best beans available to match their quality.


Our skilled barista team in Mandurah is trained to create fabulous coffee every time, using this robust and smooth blend.

Visit our cafe in Mandurah for an unforgettable coffee experience!


Barista made coffe Mandurah

Barista Made Coffee

Cappuccino Made The Way You Like It!

From your favourite Macchiato to a Double Espresso, we serve your coffee just the way you like it. If you need a lactose free, almond, soy, hi-lo or extra creamy milk, just ask our barista team and they will make a fabulous coffee to get your day started.

We open early across our five cafe locations, so if you need a coffee and an award-winning pie to start your day, the team at Miami Bakehouse are waiting to serve you. Ask about our other fabulous hot drinks including Chai Latte, our legendary Hot Chocolate and our ever-expanding coffee drinks menu.

Iced Coffee, Iced Latte & Milkshakes

Too Hot for Coffee - We've Got You Covered

Try our range of handmade Iced Coffees, double-shot Iced Lattes and Milkshakes.

Five refreshing milkshake flavours topped with handmade Miami sweeties. Choose from Choc Brownie, Gooey Caramel, Minty Delight, Sweet Strawberry,  or Very Vanilla.

Miami Bakehouse Milkshakes
  • Do you bake gluten-free products?
    No. Unfortunately as our bakery also produces food with gluten so we can not guarantee that anything we produce is 100% gluten-free. We do have a range of handmade treats which would be considered 'gluten-friendly', including Raw Slices and Coco Macaron biscuits.
  • Do you bake dairy-free products?
    Yes, some of our products are dairy-free, however they are made in a commercial kitchen and bakery that also use dairy ingredients and may contain traces.
  • Do you bake Vegan products?
    Yes, our Vegetable Pastie is vegan and is made with over 13 different kinds of fresh handcut vegetables surrounded by our signature flaky wholemeal pastry.
  • Do you have low sugar options?
    Yes we do! We have a number of handmade treats which are lower in sugar including our Gingerbread Men, Raw Slices and Coco Macaron Biscuits
  • Do you offer catering and party platters?
    Yes we do! We have a range of savoury and sweet party platter options to choose from which are available for preorder through our stores. Our catering menu can be viewed on our website.
  • How do I pre-order a celebration cake?
    You can pre-order a celebration cake online through our website, over the phone or in-store. Follow this link to view our range of celebration cakes and find our more about how to order.
  • Can you freeze a pie?
    Yes you can! Just ask our friendly staff if you can purchase your pie cold (i.e. before it's been heated in the pie warmer) and you can take it home and freeze it to eat at a later date.
  • How much lower in carbs is your low-carb pastry compared to your traditional pie pastry?
    Our new low-carb pie pastry has two thirds less carbs than our traditional pie pastry
  • Does your low-carb pastry have less saturated fat?
    Yes! Our low-carb pie pastry has 18% less saturated fat than our traditional pie pastry
  • Is your low-carb pastry higher in protien?
    Yes! Our low-carb pie pastry has 3.5 times more protein
  • What does your low-carb pastry taste like?
    Our low-carb pie pastry has a firm and biscuity texture which is lightly crisp to the bite
  • Does your low-carb pastry taste the same as your traditional pie pastry?
    No, our low-carb pie pastry and our traditional pie pastry taste quite different. They have the same Award-Winning fillings however our low-carb pastry has a more firm and biscuity texture compared to the soft and flaky texture of our traditional pie pastry.
  • Is your low-carb pastry vegan?
    The pastry itself is vegan as it contains no animal based products, however, neither of the two filling options are suitable for vegans.
  • Is your low-carb pastry vegetarian?
    Yes! The pastry is vegetarian, however, depending on what pie filling you get, the pie itself may not be vegetarian. The Peri Peri Vegetable Low-Carb Pie is vegetarian friendly whilst the Classic Steak Low-Carb Pie is not suitable for vegetarians.
  • is your low-carb pastry dairy-free?
    We do not add any dairy products to our Low-Carb Pastry or either of our two filling options i.e. Classic Steak or Peri Peri Vegetable. However, as these pies are produced in a commercial bakery where dairy products are present, we can not guarantee that no traces of dairy will present
  • Is your low-carb pastry sugar-free?
    There are no added sugars in our low-carb pastry, although some natural sugars may be present
  • Is your low-carb pastry keto?
    Our low-carb pie pastry is keto-friendly but not completely keto. Whilst it has two thirds less carbohydrates, it still contains some carbs.
  • Does your low-carb pastry contain egg?
    We do not add egg to our Low-Carb Pastry or either of the two filling options i.e. Classic Steak or Peri Peri Vegetable. However, as these pies are produced in a commercial bakery where eggs are present, we can not guarantee that no traces of egg will be present
  • Does your low-carb pastry contain nuts?
    We do not add any nuts to our Low-Carb Pastry or either of the two filling options i.e. Classic Steak or Peri Peri Vegetable. However, as these pies are produced in a commercial bakery where eggs are present, we can not guarantee that no traces of nuts will be present
  • Where are you located?
    We have five Miami Bakehouse locations in Western Australia. Two cafes on either side of the Forrest Highway in West Pinjarra, bakery cafes in Falcon and Mandurah, plus a bakery and drive-thru located in Myalup. Find our locations here.
  • How can I contact Miami Bakehouse
    We love hearing from our customers! There are a number of ways to contact us. Please call your closest store for product-related questions or pre-orders, send a message through our website or send us a message via Facebook or Instagram. You can also email us directly and we will direct your question to the most appropriate team member to answer.
  • Do you have a drive-though?
    Yes we do! Our Miami Bakehouse Myalup has a convenient drive-through option.
  • Can I order ahead?
    Yes you can! Call our stores ahead of your arrival to reserve your favourite pie or other menu item. You can also pre-purchase your order and arrange pick up from your most convenient store.
Miami Loyalty Rewards

Are You a Regular?

Then We Want to Reward Your Loyalty!

Join Miami Rewards and start with a complimentary coffee. After that, enjoy rewards including free cakes, slices, pies, bread, and even vouchers.

If you are a local or are frequently on the road, traveling to the South West or Perth, then join Miami Rewards and enjoy over $80 worth of coffees, treats, and exclusive offers.



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13-15 Rouse Road


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609 Old Coast Road


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Lot 602 Forrest H'Way

West Pinjarra

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Lot 601 Forrest H'Way

West Pinjarra

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14 Taranto Rd


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