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We have been baking the best Aussie meat Pies at Miami Bakehouse for more years than we can remember.  If you have ever experienced a road-trip in Western Australia then it's very likely you have visited a Miami Bakehouse bakery on your travels to the South West and Margaret River region.  We have made hundreds of award-winning pie flavours, so every week we highlight a unique pie flavour and also introduce new, innovative and on-trend pie flavour recipes to our Western Australia customers. 

We have won hundreds of Australian pie awards for the Miami Bakehouse commitment we give to creating the best pie flavour, freshness and quality. In the most recent awards in 2019 we won the Champion Pie award from the The Perth Royal Show Food Awards.

Our famous Aussie meat pies are still made by hand by our specialist baking team based in Mandurah, Western Australia  and available at our six bakery cafes. We use only the best quality ingredients. Our pies, sausage rolls and savouries use premium Western Australian meat including, WA Angus beef and our chicken is free range skinless chicken breast, all locally sourced from WA food producers.  Vegetarian Pies are also available and our featured Peri Peri Vegetables Pie won the BEST VEGETARIAN PIE in Australia award in 2019.


Follow our social media for the latest Pie of the Week flavour and the chance to win a Pie of the Week, or visit your closest Miami Bakehouse to try one yourself.. The new Pie of the Week is launched each Tuesday. Find yours.

Pie of the Week

Peri Peri Vegetable Pie from Miami Bakehouse. GOLD Award-Winning Pie from the official Great Aussie Pie Awards 2019

Best Pies Review Miami Bakehouse

Best Pie in Australia customer review from Google for Miami Bakehouse. Multi-Award-Winning Pies from Miami Bakehouse in Western Australia

Sausage Sizzle Pie

Pie and dead 'orse? At Miami Bakehouse we love celebrating Australia Day and this week we are going all out including our absolute MUST, Pie Flavour of The Week - SAUSAGE SIZZLE. It doesn't get any more Aussie Pie than than this! Sausages sizzled and baked in a pie, topped with the legendary Miami Bakehouse flaky pastry.

Pie of the Week Redcurrant Lamb

Available Tuesday 27th August 2019. Some things take a little longer, like this week's Redcurrant Lamb Pie of the Week - with added juicy goodness! We've taken the time to slowly cook WA diced lamb, handcut carrots, parsnips and potato and team the power flavour combo of bacon and garlic. 🥓 Yum! Redcurrants with their tiny, bright red, juicy berries are packed with tartness that perfectly compliment the rich juicy diced WA lamb and thyme flavours. It's a Pie to fall in love with.

Beef Bourguigon Pie

20th August 2019. Over to France this week with our classic Beef Bourguignon Pie of the Week! For anyone that has wondered through the Latin Quarter of Paris will know the quaint little bistros serving this delicious and wholesome dish. Our West Australian Angus beef does this recipe justice. Braised in Australian red wine (not French!) and flavoured with local garlic, shallots & mushrooms this is definately dinner-in-a pie! Did we tell you about the flaky pastry? Bon appétit!

Sticky Pulled Pork Pie

From Tuesday 13th August - Sticky Pulled Pork Award-Winning Pie. Slow roasted pork in soy, five spice, garlic and ginger, our melt in your mouth pork is mixed with the sticky goodness of the reduced sauce. Add some Asian greens, and wrap it up in our award winning pastry. Dinner-in-a-pie! Find your nearest Award-Winning Pie....

Harissa Chicken Pie of the Week

Pie of the Week from Miami Bakehouse is Chicken Harissa Pie The taste-testing team have refined this classic Tunisian Harissa Chicken recipe over the past few months and it finally passed the taste-test only a few weeks ago. Premium WA skinless chicken breast, turmeric, harissa spices, ginger, cinnamon, cumin with potato and cous cous, Dinner with a difference, now in a Pie!

Lasagne Pie Recipe

Lasagne in a Pie Western Australia Pie of the Week Miami Bakehouse

Beef Stroganoff Pie Recipe Perth

Beef Stroganoff Pie of the week from Miami Bakehouse

Spanish Chicken Pie Recipe

Spanish Chicken Stew Chiliandron Miami Bakehouse Pie of the Week

Chicken Laksa Recipe Perth

Malaysian Chicken Laksa recipe from Miami Bakehouse in a Pie of flaky pastry

Chicken Chow Mein Perth

Chicken Chow Mein recipe from Miami Bakehouse in a pie of flaky pastry

Pie of the Week - Seafood Lasagne

Introducing this week's Pie of the Week - Seafood Lasagne recipe from Miami Bakehouse. Italian inspired, delicious seafood & our homemade pasta folded through a sumptuous creamy sauce. Wrapped by our legendary flaky pastry. Bellissimo!

Pie of the Week - Beef and Guinness

Pie of the Week - Country Lamb

This weeks pie of the week is Country Lamb & Vegetable receipe from Miami Bakehouse.Our spin on this old-fashioned favourite is always a big hit! Cooked with WA prime lamb and fresh garden vegetables, you won't be able to stop at just one!

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella Pie of the Week recipe from Miami Bakehouse Perth

Satay Chicken Curry - Pie of the Wee

Chicken Satay recipe from Miami Bakehouse in Perth. Delicious recipe in a pie of flaky pastry.

Moroccan Lamb Pie of the Week

Moroccan lamb Pie of the Week recipe from Miami Bakehouse in Perth. Delicious WA lamb and fresh hand-cut veggie.

Pie of the Week

This week's Pie of the Week is a popular family favourite - Sweet and Sour Pork! The secret in this authentic sweet and sour pork dish lies in the perfect flavour balance of the sweet vs. sour taste of the sauce. The bakery has an amazing aroma today as our expert pie team have added the final touches to this classic recipe of pineapple, West Australian Plantagenet Pork, onions, red and green capsicum. Yum!