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Sourdough Bread: Good For Your Tastebuds, Good For You

When it comes to sourdough bread, we believe there are two types of people: the ones who love it and the ones who haven’t tried it.

The notion that a bread can be sour and good at the same time is not something people can accept right away. We get that. But, as bakers who try everything they make (yes, we do that, and it’s not easy to stop either), we know what you’re missing and so here’s some information that may just inspire you to give sourdough bread a chance.

What On Earth Is Sourdough?

Attention, all health-conscious people out there: sourdough is about as natural as you can get when making bread. It contains no oil, milk or yeast, since it uses the natural yeast and bacteria that flour releases when mixed with water and given some time. It’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Is It Really Delicious?

It really, really is. It has a specific flavor thanks to the bacteria we mentioned, which is by the way the same bacteria that gives yogurt and sour cream their taste. Obviously, it’s not as strong in the bread, but you can feel it and it works perfectly.

Is It Good For Me?

Yes, it is. Sourdough bread is known to improve digestion, especially among people whose bodies can’t handle gluten very well. It is perfect for you if you want to lose weight, as the sourdough produces acetic, propionic and lactic acids that reduce starch and lower the glycemic response.

The bacteria that gives sourdough bread its specific taste also contributes to its amazing health benefits: it produces antioxidants and antiallergenic masses, boosts the immune system and it’s a natural preservative, which means no additional poison enters your body.

Why Miami Bakehouse?

Ok, so sourdough bread is good, but why is ours even better? At Miami Bakehouse, we work with the best suppliers in Western Australia and put in all our love and care in the food we produce. The secret of our sensational sourdough bread (shh, don’t tell anyone!) is that we give the dough even more time than most cooking books would advise. This makes it puffier, more delicious and even better for you.

At Miami Bakehouse, you’ll also discover amazing sandwiches prepared with sourdough bread, perfect for a quick, healthy lunch on the go.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in one of our convenient locations in Western Australia.

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