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What Makes the Perfect Pie Perfect!

Updated: Mar 1

There are few foods that have such heart-warming, mouthwatering effect on us like the pie. Delicious explosion of flavors packed in a crusty flaky pastry shell — what more could you want of life? It could be sweet or sour, big or small, healthy or not that much, but one thing is certain — the pie is one of the greatest dishes in the world, one that everyone eat and everyone love.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pie since forever, here’s something you need to know:

The Perfect Pie = The Perfect Top + The Perfect Bottom

While the pie filling is also important, what makes a pie a pie is the shortcrust pastry bottom and the puff pastry top. How to achieve that? It seems like practically every baker has their own way: some use butter, some swear by vegetable oil, and others go with lard.

We, as usual, have developed our own secret recipes which makes our pies special and keeps our customers coming back for more. Our buttery pastry gives you that amazing mmmoment of pleasure you expect from a fantastic pie.

You Prefer Savoury?

A true pie connoisseur knows that there is no limit to the flavours that can be encased in pie pastry. In Miami Bakehouse we know no limits to testing what flavours can be combined in our savoury pie delicacies. Here you can order:

• Chicken Pot Pie

• Shepherd’s Pie

• Spanakopita Pie

• Mushroom-Thyme Pie

• Ham and Pea Pie

• Chicken Curry Pot Pie

• Spiced Lamb Pie

• Fish Pie

• Vegetable Pie

• Beef Bourguignonne Pot Pie

• Tomato and Cheddar Pie…

We take some delicate boneless, skinless chicken breast and turn that into

Cajun chicken, chicken scallopini, chicken thyme & mushroom.

And much, much more.

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