The Pastry Experts

For almost twenty years the team of over 30 pastry chefs and apprentices have been creating perfect pastry for our range of sweet and savoury baked goods.  

It all starts with the first bite...but how do we choose which pastry for which filling or treat? With so many pastry recipes and techniques it's why we employ a dedicated team of pastry experts to ensure that every bite is as good as your first!

From Puff Pastry to Shortcrust, delicate choux to buttery shortbread, our teams know a thing or two about pastry.

Introducing our latest baking innovation

Low Carb Pastry Miami Bakehouse


Now you can have a Pie and eat it.  With fewer carbs and more protein!

Whether you are following a Keto diet, Low-Carb lifestyle or simply looking for a healthy lunch with fewer calories and more protein, then our low carb pastry and award-winning pie filling maybe just what you are looking for.

Read more about the Low-Carb Pastry journey here.

Its pastry, but not as you know it!

What resulted was a journey of baking innovation and discovery with the creation of a pastry that has

2/3 less carbs

18% less saturated fat

3.5 times more protein

than its traditional pastry counterpart

Golden in colour with a firm, biscuity texture thats lightly crisp to the bite, this innovative pastry is handmade with natural ingredients and a unique blend of locally sourced Western Australian low-carb flours including soy, coconut, lupin and wheat that complement our award-winning pie fillings.


Our NEW Low Carb Pastry Pies will be available in two award-winning pie flavours:

Classic Steak, made with WA Stirling Ranges Angus Beef

Peri Peri Vegetables, with fresh hand-cut WA veggies and peri-peri seasoning.

Our new, low carb pastry is a great alternative to our classic pastry. The pastry on its own is significantly lower in carbohydrates than our classic pastry which helps make the whole pie a lighter alternative. 


What makes our pies so delicious?  Our pies unlike others on the market contain only the leanest, top quality meat and ingredients and do not contain any artificial fillers or nasties. Now that's different.

Nutritional Information:

Classic Steak Low Carb Pie

Average serving size: 245g

Each serving contains:

Energy 1690kg

Protein 38.2g

Fat total 16.5g

- saturated  6.9g

Carbohydrate 19.8g

- sugars 2.2g

Sodium 1010mg

Now available at all Miami Bakehouse cafe locations.

Whats more, its delicious.

Low Carb Pastry Classic Steak Pie
Low Carb Pastry Peri Peri Vegetables
Classic Pastry Recipe and Nutritional Information Miami Bakehouse
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