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A Pie-Fabulous end to 2021 at The Official Great Aussie Pie Awards

Miami Bakehouse land 18 prestigious Gold and Silver medals out of 18 entries for both Sweet and Savoury Pies and Sausage Rolls, plus the National Winner in the GOURMET Red Meat Pie Category.

Miami Bakehouse, known for creating unique pie flavours and its baking expertise have a lot to be proud of. For 18 years they have been entering National and Local Food competitions for their baking skills and exciting flavours.

The sweet and savoury baking teams at Miami Bakehouse have been celebrating with 11 new GOLD awards and 7 SILVER, plus two Major Awards, 1st Place Gourmet Red Meat Pie category for The Reuben Pie and 3rd Place for their Plain Meat Pie award, bringing the total awards won to over 54 this year across all the Baking Industry competitions.

Sweet Lamb Curry Potato Top Pie - GOLD

Plain Meat Pie - GOLD & Major Winner and 3rd Place overall in Plain Meat Pie Category

Hawaiian Style Pork & Pineapple - GOLD

Chicken Turmeric & Kale - GOLD

Hawaiian Coconut Chicken Curry - GOLD

Caramelised Ginger Chilli Pork - GOLD

Seafood Garlic Prawn - GOLD

Texan Chilli Beef - GOLD

Vegetarian Plant-Based Beef Fajita – GOLD and 2nd Place overall in Vegan / Vegetarian Category

Kangaroo Red Wine & Juniper Berry – GOLD and 3rd Place overall in Game Pie Category

New York Reuben - GOLD and 2nd Place overall in The Gourmet Pie Category and 1st Place on Red Meat Pie Category

Traditional Sausage Roll - SILVER

Pork Tarragon & Mustard Sausage Roll - SILVER

Crocodile Mango & Macadamia - SILVER

Portuguese Seafood Caldeirada - SILVER

Christmas Fruit Mince Pie – SILVER and 3rd Place overall in the Xmas Fruit Mince Pie Category

Country Apple & Raspberry – SILVER and 4th Place overall in Apple Pie category

Apple Pie – SILVER and 2nd Place overall in Apple Pie category

The Caramelised Ginger Chilli Pork Pie now a GOLD winner three years in a row at the Official Great Aussie Pie Awards, 2021, 2020 and 2019, plus a GOLD winner at the Royal Show 2021. Using local West Australian Plantagenet Pork and local ingredients has been a constant hit with the judges and customers alike.

With the growing trend for plant-based ingredients the team at Miami have been developing a new range of Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-Based options for its customers. The Plant-Based Beef Fajita Pie, now also a GOLD winner was also recognised at the Perth Royal Show earlier this year when it won a SILVER medal.

After a couple of challenging years in the hospitality industry, the bakery team have not rested in their desire to create new and exciting pie flavours and recipes. A typical new pie flavour can take up to six months in research and development before it’s approved as one of 52 new ‘Pie of the Week’ flavours showcased in-store every week.

This year the bakery team created a series of International Pie of the Week flavours to inspire our customers who were missing the opportunity to travel, the customer feedback from five of these new flavours was so good, they decided to enter them into this years Great Aussie Pie Competition. Inspired by food from New York, Portugal and Hawaii came four GOLD medals for Hawaiian Style Pork & Pineapple Pie, Texan Chili Beef Pie, Hawaiian Coconut Curry Pie, and The New York Reuben Pie, also the Major Winner of the GOURMET RED MEAT PIE category plus a SILVER medal for Portuguese Caldeirada Pie.

David Palmer, Owner of Miami Bakehouse said ‘it’s been a fantastic year of baking competitions for our team, on the back of some very challenging times over the past two years. It’s been terrific to focus the team on research and flavour development with great results, they should be very proud of their achievements and the incredible teamwork’.

For the first time, third year apprentice Anthony Barber was also involved in the pie flavour research project working alongside Amber Burling, Head of the Savoury team. ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ is her mantra and its certainly paid-off this year.

The Classic Steak Pie, Sweet Lamb Curry with a Potato Top, Chicken Turmeric and Kale and the legendary Garlic Prawn Pie also won Gold Medals.

‘Our commitment to using premium local produce is always front of mind during the recipe development phase’ said David Palmer. ‘We proudly source local Western Australian ingredients where we can from Stirling Ranges Angus Beef, Free Range Chicken, Amelia Park Lamb and Plantagenet Pork in our recipes, and none more than when the team created two new Pie Flavours for Australia Day this year with the Kangaroo Red Wine and Juniper Berry Pie and Crocodile Mango and Macadamia Pie flavours taking a GOLD and SILVER medal respectively.

It’s not all Pies at Miami Bakehouse, with two Gourmet Savoury Rolls taking SILVER medals, the Traditional Sausage Roll and Pork Tarragon & Mustard Roll.

For the full list of 2021 awards, visit the Miami Bakehouse website for updates.

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