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Pies, Art and Kangaroos

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KangaART, located at Miami Bakehouse in Myalup, is a unique Australian Art & Foodie Experience on your next road-trip Down-South.

Just 30 minutes from Bunbury at the Miami Bakehouse pie shop in Myalup, sixteen life-sized Kangaroos, beautifully painted by local West Australian artists and celebrity collaborations are displayed in an outdoor gallery for visitors to the South West to enjoy at. Another four life-sized Kangaroos will roam amongst the other five Miami Bakehouse Cafes for all road-trip travellers to enjoy.

KangaART is a truly unique art project in Western Australia.

Combining two quintessential Aussie Icons, the Aussie Meat Pie and the Kangaroo, this art installation is a MUST SEE on your travels around WA and the South-West.

Enjoy the art vibe and Kanga-selfie opportunities whilst taking a rest-stop along the Forrest Highway at the newest addition to WAs most awarded bakery, a purpose-built café in Myalup. Why not sample a handmade award-winning gourmet WA Stirling Ranges classic steak pie and stroll through a unique road-trip experience in the grassed picnic area. 

To learn more about the making of KangaART and the artists involved, visit Miami Bakehouse in Myalup to scan the QR codes for more information on the project or visit

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