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We love having the GIANTS in Mandurah

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Mandurah Giants 

The Giants have been secretly hidden in and around Mandurah, waiting for you and your family to find them!

Collect clues on your hunt for each giant to reveal the location of the last Giant – but shhh, don’t tell anyone where they are. The Giants of Mandurah have made the area their home recently, so make sure you put them at the top of your bucket list.

The search for each giant is a mission and will make you work up an appetite. A great excuse to drop into Miami Bakehouse for some supplies. Strategically located in and around Mandurah, you’ll almost need a cut lunch and a compass to find them! We can help with that. Pop in and pick up a freshly brewed barista coffee and some tasty treats to eat along the way from a Miami Bakehouse café near you.


Giant hunt

There's a new GIANT in town!

Four of the Mandurah Giants and their location can be found: Little Lui, Seba, Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone and Santi Ikto. The fifth, Bille Bob, can be found in Subiaco, but the sixth and final lost giant is in a secret location in Mandurah.

On your travels to find the GIANTS, stop by one of our Bakehouse cafes for a warming fresh coffee, some lunch, cake and other sweet treats.


As a bit of a clue to finding the GIANTS, our Gilberts Fresh cafe and our original Falcon Bakery Cafe are very close by! Find the giants and find your nearest Miami Bakehouse.

_Giants VID 1.png


thomas-dambo-giant-mandurah-yaburgurt-cirkelstone (2).webp

These big guys are so much fun and are a true delight when you find them! It's a great activity for friends and family. Hunt down all six of Thomas Dambo’s giants this weekend with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenery Mandurah has to offer. For more information visit the Giants of Mandurah website.

Thank you to FORM Building a State of Creativity for the fabulous picture

Some more GIANT Pictures!

GIANTS COMPETITION (450 × 208.491 mm) (1).png

Mandurah Giants Gallery

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