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Low Carb Pastry Launch


Miami Bakehouse, WA’s most awarded bakery have stepped-up to the growing Low-Carb food demand from their customers and created the first ever Low Carb Pie Pastry!

Over the past 18 months the specialist baking team have been working on a secret project. They were set a challenge like no other – to create a pie pastry with a lower carbohydrate content that not only tasted good but was workable for their award-winning pie flavours.

Whilst the timing of such a project during the Covid-19 pandemic may have stopped many businesses focussing on future goals, the team at Miami dug deep and continued with many trials in the pursuit of the ultimate goal, a tasty pie pastry with fewer carbs.

It’s pastry…but not as you know it.

What resulted was a journey of baking innovation and discovery with the creation of a pastry that has 3 and a half times more protein, 18% less saturated fat as well as a whopping two-thirds less carbohydrates than it’s traditional pastry counterpart.

What’s more, it’s delicious.

Golden in colour with a firm biscuity and crumbly texture their innovative pastry is handmade with natural ingredients and a unique blend of locally sourced Western Australia organic low-carb flours including soy, coconut, lupin and wheat that compliment their award-winning pie fillings.

Miami Bakehouse’s Low Carb Pastry is available from Wednesday 10th March at all Miami Bakehouse locations in two award-winning pie flavours: The Classic Steak, made with WA Stirling Ranges Angus Beef and the Peri Peri Vegetables, with fresh hand-cut WA veggies and peri-peri seasoning.

It seems that you can now have your pie….and eat it! Available at all Miami Bakehouse locations from Wednesday 10th March 2021.

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