How Miami Bakehouse is managing the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Updated: Apr 27

At Miami Bakehouse we have always maintained and followed strict government Food Safety guidelines and are a trusted provider of food in Western Australia.

Rest-assured we are working with strict guidelines in place to ensure the safety of our staff and customers during Covid restrictions and local West Australian lock-downs. Please ensure you check-in via the SafeWA app on arrival to any of our locations or complete the mandatory Safe WA Contact register available. During such times as further lock-down and restrictions we will be following the mandatory rules including mask-wearing.

For over 20 years Miami Bakehouse has been serving the local community and travellers in Western Australia with great food to eat-on-the-go. We are a specialist bakery based in Mandurah with five café locations across our region and employ over 120 local people.

For many businesses just like ours, we are experiencing an unprecedented chapter and we have set up additional health measures alongside our existing regular routines to further safeguard your daily coffee, lunch and food needs.

Whilst the Corona Virus situation evolved we quickly realised that we were not exempt from making operational changes to achieve this.

You will have noticed several changes in our five cafes. Rest-assured we have plans in place to ensure that we can continue to supply everything from bread to pies and your favourite coffee in the future. You may already know that all of our cafes are a resource for some of life’s essentials such as bread and milk.

So how do café, bakery and restaurant businesses prepare for Corona Virus in Western Australia?

The first-step we made was the precautionary decision to stop taking re-usuable keep cups to protect our customers and employees. This decision did raise a few eyebrows, but we stood by our research and quickly trained our teams on how to deal with the change to our normal keepcup policy.

In our cafes, as always, we use tongs and other utensils for food handling, our teams regularly wash hands and sanitise surfaces, use gloves and take all the necessary usual precautions. In addition to our regular routine, we have introduced additional hygiene practices such as removing the taste-testers to ensure our teams and customers are protected.

Whilst we have always practiced excellent cleaning and hygiene practices, we have extended our efforts with extra cleaning routines and hygiene measures and have increased training for our café and bakery teams on effective measures for prevention of transmission.

Our policies are being updated daily as new information and Health & Safety Guidelines become available.

COVID-19 transmission through food is unlikely and there is no evidence of this occurring to date.