Coffee & Sweet Treat Pairings

Learn more about the best coffee and sweets pairings at Miami Bakehouse.

A comforting cup of coffee is a daily ritual, and for many of us, a treat in its own right!

However, nothing beats a pastry or a biscuit for an extra indulgent twist! Some people love to pair their coffee with a delicious sweet. It's definitely something that most of us actually look forward to!

Miami Bakehouse is the perfect place to take a break and sink into a hot cuppa, with some of the amazing artisanal pastries and award-winning cakes and treats on the menu.

Coffee Cafe in Perth, Melville, Mandurah, Myalup, Falcon, Pinjarra.
Coffee on it's own or with a treat, is a treat!

If you are drinking a long black, you should undoubtedly consider something more bold and intense. A chocolate brownie, a caramel slice or a coffee eclair could be the perfect choice. If you were to go more traditional, a donut is also a great compliment to any black coffee, and we have many flavors available from the classic jam donut to a custard and cream donut.

Chocolate Brownie with Coffee treat at Miami Bakehouse
Miami Bakehouse Chocolate Brownie

If you are drinking a latte, a cappuccino, flat-white or a milk-based coffee drink, there are many amazing options to choose from. We recommend something with moreish qualities, which would work well with the round taste of coffee and milk together. Some great choices might include cookies, cakes, slices, and traditional bakery biscuits such as melting moments. We also have a wonderful carrot cake, or a selection of fruit-flavored slices from passionfruit to lemon, to name a few, all handmade in our Mandurah bakery.

Do you feel like going the traditional sweet-treat route? You can also dip some delicious biscotti in your drink or an award-winning Miami Bakehouse Anzac biscuit.

Anzac Biscuits Perth Mandurah Melville Myalup Falcon
Miami Bakehouse Anzac Biscuits

If you want to get some food treats with your coffee to go, but don't know what to get, we've got you covered. Miami Bites is our unique treat box, featuring samples of some of our best treats. Take it on the road or if you dare, share back at the office.

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